MKP, The Power of Precision

The owner of MKP Co.Ltd. is all our members.
MKP Co.Ltd. is a company where its members and the company have the same dream and challenge and develop together to realize the same dream.
An individual who fulfills responsibility for oneself, us, and the world based on flexible perception and creative thinking on the endlessly changing environment.
An individual who knows how to develop oneself through continuous learning and leads the future with pride and professionalism.
An open-minded individual who can accept diversity through mutual communication based on trust and respect.
Fostering these individuals is the personnel philosophy of MKP Co.Ltd
MKP Co.Ltd. runs an HR system that helps with the happiness of members based on mutual trust.
It applies a salary system to guarantee the stable life of members and bonus pay system to share the common performance.
MKP Co.Ltd.'s HR Development System pursues the cultivation of members'
work competence and happiness at the same time.
  • In-house training to strengthen members
    With training courses to strengthen the trust, performance,
    and value competence of MKP's members, it helps the members and company
    to have the same dream and advance toward the same place.
    (Introductory training for new employees, famous lectures, etc.
  • In-house/outside training to strengthen work competence
    Various technology training and seminars
    by in-house lecturers are carried out to help improve expertise.
    It also helps the members continuously grow with the company by supporting
    them to freely take the training courses they want.
    (In-house regular technology seminar, outside non-regular technology seminar,
    work-related outside education/certificate training, etc.)

Members with different values and experiences gather together and
pursue the endless change and innovation of MKP Co.Ltd, with the same dream.

We MKP Co.Ltd. now await your dream and challenge.

Recruitment Process
Required documents
Resume, personal statement, work history statement,
graduation certificate of the final education (expected) and academic transcript, license certificate
Please send the written documents by email, with your name and area of application on the email title.
Other documents of evidence can be submitted during the interview.
email :
Once the documents are submitted, they will not be returned.
We observe confidentiality according to the principle of trust and faith.
Also, your employment may be cancelled if your submitted documents or written contents are found to be false.