MKP, The Power of Precision

MKP Co., Ltd., has grown as Korea’s best MFC company
with the passion and effort of efforts for MFC technology and best quality.
We will always be loyal to fundamentals and repay our clients with trust by continuously developing.
We contribute to the development of humanity through value
innovation based on management and reliability.
  • Innovation
    Strengthen company competitiveness by continuously developing core competence based on continuous challenge and tolerance for failure.
  • Customer respect
    Impress customers by providing the best products and services based on professional knowledge and experience.
  • HR management
    Choose talented individuals who have potential and competitiveness and nurture them as specialists to generate performance that both employees and the company can be satisfied with.
  • Coexistence
    Create synergy and aim for mutual growth with communication and cooperation based on mutual respect and care.
  • Integrity
    Practice right management that observed principles and pursue qualitative growth based on the trust of employees, company, and customers.
경영혁신 기술혁신 고객만족
Grow to become a sustainable, top company representing
Korea in the semiconductor field that realizes management innovation,
technology innovation, and customer satisfaction.
The competitiveness of MKP Co.Ltd. is not limited to numbers such as performance, market share, and the number of employees.
Our true competitiveness is completed from how MKP Co.Ltd. works and thinks.
Competitiveness, ethical management that is directly connected to corporate value, ethical culture engraved in employees' daily life,
flexibility and agility that do not stay in yesterday's answer, and passion toward customer satisfaction. This is the way MKP Co.Ltd. works.